Presentation of the Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World Journal

Laudatio to the University Professor Dr. hab. VLADIMIR GUȚU, on the Ocassion of his 70th Anniversary

Presentation of the Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World Journal

In the ever changing “knowledge society, whose contrasts and dangers (school dropout, psychoactive substance use, domestic violence) may have disastrous consequences, pleading for education is the necessary prerequisite for the rehabilitation of the true significances of life. The Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World Journal refocuses the readers’ attention on the education provided, combining theoretical analysis with experimental and statistic data, proposing new examples and suggestions as well.

All issues contain a bunch of communications, included in four sections:

  • first section: Interdisciplinary approaches to education, which contains papers from the fields of education sciences, humanistic social sciences, natural sciences etc.;
  • second section: New educations in the knowledge society contains papers belonging to this field (Ecological education, Technological education, Intercultural education etc.), both theoretical and practical-applicative approaches;
  • third section: Elements of didactics, considered ”a nucleus section” by our readers, for the very fact that it provides several examples of applied didactics;
  • fourth section: From the preoccupations of students and teachers contains papers by undergraduates, MA students, pre-university teachers with PhD degrees, who are preoccupied, having also passion and vocation, both with education sciences and other fields (natural sciences, chemistry, religion, literature etc.).

All issues of of our journal (from 2004 – to date) communicate with each other, going on with the same major issues: Interdisciplinary approaches in the field of education sciences, New educations in ”the knowledge society, Elements of Didactics, From the preoccupations of undergraduates, MA students, PhD students, professors, researchers etc. As a result, each new issue requires an attentive reading and a particular comprehensive effort.

All sections have an interdisciplinary basis, drawing on contributions from the fields of informatics, philosophy, anthropology, but above all from Education Sciences, being organized around the four pillars of learning:

  • learning to know, which refers to acquiring the tools of learning;
  • learning to do (learning to do well) so that the individual establishes relationships with the environment;
  • learning to live together with others, which refers to communication, cooperation in human activities;
  • learning to be, which results from the first three.


School, as main education provider, has the role of equipping young people with critical thinking, with the ability to understand and meet the various challenges arising in society so that they become more and more the agents of their own development, people who are capable to organize, structure their own learning, to discover alone, being endowed with the judgment and responsibility of the future.

First of all, the educator is a role model, it is their duty to lay the foundation of future life options of young people in their formative years. We would like to talk like educators to educators and achieve a correct communication of the educational message by all the issues we have published.

            When we initiated the ”Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World” journal, our objective was to highlight the place and role education should take in shaping the complex personalities future European citizens would require. Equally, our intention was to provide the readers: students, teachers or educationalists with studies and researches conducted by lecturers and teachers, with examples taken from the instructive-educational activity.

            Coming back to the content, it is important to emphasize that the goal of the publication is not only to provide ”benchmarks” for the optimization of the instructive-educational activity, but also to stimulate the creative attitude of teachers so that they can discover the most effective and novel solutions to the challenges they face day by day. We believe that each teacher is driven by the desire to optimize their own activity.

Why is it recommended to read this journal?

      Human Education Today for Tomorrow’s World can be useful because:

  • it informs students and teachers about topical issues;
  • it encourages students and beginner teachers to choose the teaching career;
  • it is a support material for discussions within teaching activities;
  • it suggests the implementation of practical activities;
  • it ensures access to information in a stimulative and challenging manner;
  • it promotes the European dimension in education etc.


I thank all those who have helped me in preparing this issue with their suggestions and critical remarks. I am looking forward to suggestions, comments, challenges …. I hope the readers will find mitigating circumstances.